MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold 30 Servings

MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold 30 Servings

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MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold 8:1:1 Amino Acids, 30 Servings

Product Details
  • MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold is the new intra-workout fuel for the sturdy as it gives you the robust energy with 8:1:1 BCAAs providing 5.6g of Leucine per serving
  • High leucine content helps prevent the onset of catabolism during and after workout and faster muscle recovery. Leucine is the major activator of mTOR in the body which ramps up muscle protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth
  • With L-Citrulline for max pump to enhance the absorption of vital nutrients and rapid protein synthesis in the body
  • BCAA Gold is enriched with electrolytes including sodium and potassium to minimize dehydration during workout
  • Available in zesty Green Apple Flavor, this workout fuel contains zero added sugar

MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold is an ultimate intraworkout fuel that contains Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine in the   8:1:1 ratio respectively. Most of the BCAA suppplements come with a standard ratio of 2:1:1 of these branch chained amino acids, with 2 parts of leucine over 1 part each for the other two BCAAs. However, MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold with higher leucine content activates the complex muscle building pathways post a strenuous workout session. Also, it facilitates speedy protein synthesis helping in effective recovery of muscles and lean mass gain.


  • Richness of Leucine

It is one of the best BCAA supplement in the market due to its higher leucine content of approx 5.6g per serving in the ratio 8:1:1 with Isoleucine and Valine respectively. Leucine acts as a major activator a complex namely, mTOR, which speeds up the overall protein synthesis in the body leading to better muscle growth and built.

  • 8:1:1 BCAAs

MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold contains 8 parts of Leucine and 1 part each of Isoleucine and Valine respectively. Most of the BCAA supplements contain a common ratio of 2:1:1 for Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. However, the more the content of Leucine in the supplement, the better it is for your body.

  • Enriched with Electrolytes

BCAA Gold comes loaded with sodium and potassium as a potent electrolyte in the supplement. When consumed during the workouts, these electrolytes help keep the vital electrolytes in the body and prevent the onset of fatigue. These electrolytes also help in hydrating the body during strenuous workouts.

  • Speedy and Effective Recovery of Muscles

MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold delivers 2.5g of LGlutamine, providing necessary amino acids for faster muscle growth and recovery of skeletal muscles post a strenuous workout session or any rigorous physical activity.   Glutamine is found as over 61% of amino acid in the skeletal muscles and contains 19% of the nitrogen responsible for the vasodilation of nerves.

  • Max Pump

Every serving of BCAA Gold comes loaded with L-Citrulline which helps in maximum vasodilation and pump. It acts as a potent precursor to arginine which enhances the transportation of nutrients to the muscles by increased blood flow to the muscles.

  • No added Sugar

MuscleBlaze BCAA  comes with no added sugar helping you gulp down all that is good for you.  With no added preservatives, this BCAA gold supplement is a must-have in your diet.


Branched Chain Amino Acid (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline, Trisodium Citrate Anhydrous, Orange Fruit Powder, Acidity Regulator (INS 296), Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin B6


Mix one scoop of MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold powder in chilled water in volume as per your liking –

  • For an ideal taste: 300-350ml
  • For a strong taste: 250-300ml
  • For a dilute taste: 350-400ml


You can consume up to 2 scoops of MuscleBlaze BCAA Gold each day. It can be consumed:

  • During your workout session: This helps keep the muscles fueled with the necessary BCAAs and amino acids.
  • Pre-workout: The citrulline malate and the electrolytes give you the dose of energy that you need before your workout session.
  • In between meals: In case of long gaps between meals, you may consume this supplement to prevent any muscle loss.


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