BSN True Mass 1200

BSN True Mass 1200

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The BSN True-Mass is a post-workout recovery and a calorie-rich meal replacement supplement, which is essential for any weight gainer and body mass builder.

Everyday nutrition

The BSN True-Mass meets your 100% everyday requirement of protein. If you are interested in building lean body mass or if are an athlete who wants to keep your body fit, then you would surely want adequate amount of protein intake every day and you can get that from this supplement.Β  It is especially designed to promote muscle development. This ultra-premium protein formula contains essential protein building blocks along with a blend of carbohydrates, which provide the necessitated caloric support required for that extensive training that you are undergoing. These proteins and carbohydrates are healthy fats, which act as quick-burning fuel to satisfy the needs of intensive training.

A true mass gainer

The BSN True-Mass is generally composed of high and low glycemic, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients, like vitamins and minerals. This BSN True mass gainer is primarily suitable for people who are looking for body building and athletic strengthening, both amateurs and professionals. The food you take usually does not fulfil the dietary needs associated with workouts and thus, the need for an effective pre- and post-workout supplement, like the True-Mass, which would provide the required energy to beat the stress and fatigue, increases. It also supplies the required creatine to the body. For a delicious drink, just blend the mix along with water or milk for a filling shake that keeps you satiated and energised.

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